Not in Our Backyard.

by caprariok

Who are the Militias and why should we care?

Rallies were held in several Oregon cities today, organized by the Rural Organizing Project (ROP) to bring an awareness of this dangerous sub-set of political radicals to the larger community and to stand up to their criminal, opportunistic and racist agenda.


ROP Rally, Old Federal Courthouse, Eugene, OR, January 30, 2016

Communities across Oregon who are struggling to maintain services and dealing with an economic crisis are now having to deal with private militias such as the Oath Keepers, 3 %ers and Sovereign Citizens coming in to their towns. At first, they seem like a blessing as they step in to fill the void left by dwindling public resources. However, their veneer of generosity comes with a steep price and the potential for violence and mob-like control.


ROP Rally, Eugene, January 30, 2016


ROP Rally, Eugene, January 30, 2016

The militia and patriot groups, while each a little bit different, all have at their core the view that the American government is illegitimate and that they are under attack from anyone who is or believes differently from them. It’s an all in or all out point of view. Many subscribe to or are sympathetic to a White supremacist view of the world and are racist, explicitly or implicitly. I say–not in my backyard, not in my state, not in America.

The Rural Organizing Project is doing great work to combat the militias in Oregon. They need our support going forward as do the people of Harney County and the Burns Paiute People as they heal from wounds and scars left by the Bundys and their criminal cohort.

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ROP Rally, Old Federal Courthouse, Eugene, Or, January 30, 2016